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Scholarship Spotlight: Taylor Curry

Posted by: faschola - 03/26/15

Growing up in a military family, Taylor Curry’s life has been filled with several noteworthy events. The son of an Italian mother and a Florida-born father, Taylor’s everyday endeavors to bridge the cultural gap between the United States and Italy has resulted in a heightened consciousness of adaptability and resilience, key traits for any college student looking to make an early and meaningful contribution to society.

However, much of those early experiences fair less in comparison than that tragic July day in 2007, when Taylor’s father, a 1SG in the United States Army was killed in action. Losing a parent at an early age is not only overwhelming, but evokes feelings of emotional and physical hollowness, wondering how life can resume without a patriarchal figure present for life’s everyday trials and tribulations.

Curry, Taylor-3Taylor writes that the loss of his father encouraged him to develop resilience in times of despair, and utilizing it as inspiration for new beginnings and setting short-term goals. “These goals progressively increased in importance—maintaining high academic standards, assuming responsibilities within my household, setting the example for my younger brother—culminating in the desire to achieve my lifelong goal: attending a prestigious university.” Taylor is a junior majoring in political science at Columbia University in New York with an excellent academic record.

This semester Taylor is studying abroad in the United Kingdom at University College London’s Political Science Department. As a Columbia student, he is a member of Phi Gamma Delta where he was the Brotherhood Committee Chair for two semesters. Taylor also volunteered as secretary of La Società Italiana and a radio host at Barnard College Freeform Radio. Last summer, he worked in Washington D.C. as a congressional intern through the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. During his spare time he enjoys playing and watching soccer, traveling, listening to music, and going to art galleries and museums.

Taylor’s father, 1SG Michael Curry, was a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. While serving a fifteen-month tour in Afghanistan, he was killed when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle.

Despite the loss Taylor and his family have faced, this incident has caused him to rediscover himself as a person, giving him the drive and strength to overcome any obstacle that stands between him and his dreams.

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