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Scholarship Spotlight: Julieanne Jimenez

Posted by: faschola - 09/22/15

julie4A college senior who loves to get involved in her community and helping others, Julie, is determined to enjoy her time at Kent State University and acquire her degree in American Sign Language while making a difference in other people’s lives. Her ultimate aspiration is to work with the deaf in Colombia and to be able to afford them the same opportunities that the deaf in America have.

Julie has always been a determined and driven girl from the time she was in high school and describes herself as a “bubbly, outgoing, high-spirited person”. She loves attending Kent State and admits to doing too much at times to the point of exhaustion. During her time at Kent State, Julie has been involved in a myriad of activities, clubs and extracurricular activities while carrying a full course load of classes and doing well in all of them. She helped start a local Girl Scout troop as well as helped start a campus non-profit charity knitting group. Julie participated in the KSU Marching Golden Flashes and volunteered at a shelter to feed the homeless on a weekly basis; she also volunteered with orphans in Vietnam. And if that is not enough, she has completed three internships, participated in a weekend seminar at the Teen Vogue offices in New York City and studied abroad in Ireland. Even at this pace, Julie continues to do well in her courses which granted her membership to three honors societies and has a GPA high enough to maintain status as an Honors College Scholar.

Julie is the daughter of former United States Marine LCpl Cesar Jimenez who sustained a gunshot wound to the leg while participating in an operation against hostile North Vietnamese forces. Eventually this injury resulted in amputation of his right leg.

Since she has been so busy and at times overwhelmed by her many commitments at school these past three years, Julie has decided that this semester she will concentrate more in her studies and has stepped back a little from some of her extracurricular activities. She wants to make her last year of college one full of achievements and expects to graduate in the spring of 2016. Soon after graduation she wants to pursue her dream of working in Colombia teaching American Sign Language to the deaf and hearing impaired as well as teaching English to others so they can acquire basic language skills before migrating to the U.S.

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