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We are now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 academic year, APPLY TODAY.  Students who are currently receiving a scholarship, can visit the RENEW page of this website to download your 2018-2019 forms.


Update School and Personal Info

If you have transferred schools, changed your major or if your personal contact information, such as cell phone, email or mailing address, has changed please complete this online form. This will help us keep the most up to date information on you so that we can keep you informed about your scholarship.

Click here if you need to update your school or personal contact information.


If you will be performing an internship this year, please complete this online form. Please include information about what city you will be interning in, who your internship is with, and your goals for the internship.

Click here if you are participating in an internship this year.

Studying Abroad

If you will be participating in a study abroad program this year, please complete this online form. Please include information on where you will be studying, the classes you will be taking, the dates you will be abroad and any other traveling that you plan to do while abroad.

Click here if you are studying abroad this year.

Thank a Supporter

If you would like to send a thank you message to a Freedom Alliance patron, who has helped contribute to your scholarship please complete this online form with your thank message. Be sure to include your name, school, major and your thank you message.

Click here if you would like to thank a Freedom Alliance supporter that has contributed to your scholarship.