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Scholarship Spotlight: SummerBrook Courtney-Lawson

Posted by: faschola - 03/22/17

SummerBrook is a senior at the University of South Carolina pursuing a double major in Political Science and Chinese. The daughter of a permanently disabled Vietnam Veteran, she is set to graduate this spring with high honors and leadership distinction in global learning and professional and civic engagement.


Scholarship Spotlight: Alei, Brei and Jesse Garcia

Posted by: faschola - 02/01/17

The Garcia siblings come from a very strong family background with a long history of military service; their father, two of his brothers and their paternal grandfather all had long successful careers in the Army.


Scholarship Spotlight: Jazmin Unruh

Posted by: faschola - 04/21/16

Jazmin is pursuing a major in writing and a double minor in creative writing and design for sustainability at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her stepfather is a disabled veteran who served over 23 years in the Army.


Scholarship Spotlight: Rob, Cody and Tate Green

Posted by: faschola - 02/04/16

Rob, Cody and Tate are a great example of the many dedicated and talented students Freedom Alliance has helped over the last 25 years by honoring their parent’s service to our country through our scholarship program.