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Scholarship Graduate Tours WRAMC

Posted by: faschola - 04/19/11

On March 16th Kira Kremer, a former recipient of a Freedom Alliance Scholarship, was given a guided tour of the physical therapy and rehab department at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital. Kira, who will be graduating in May from SUNY Upstate Medical University with her doctorate in Physical Therapy hopes to one day work with wounded warriors and veterans.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center in DC is known as the first stop once a wounded Soldier returns back to the states from overseas. During her tour Kira got to see several of the different high tech tools and techniques that are being used to treat our wounded warriors. One of these was the Gait Lab, a room which is ringed with HD cameras and other sensors and is used to observe and research a person’s natural gait, or the manner in which they walk. This research is being used to develop new therapy treatments as well as aiding in the manufacturing of new and advanced prosthetics.

Kira’s father, Dan, a retired Marine Corps veteran was wounded in the 1983 bombing of the Marine Corps barracks in Beirut Lebanon.

A special thanks to Sean Ryan and MAJ Lisa Hirn, USA, for showing Kira around the WRAMC facilities.

Watch a video of Kira talking about Freedom Alliance and her tour of Walter Reed.